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In a short period the company has become a leader in this field. It installed equipment in more than 47 cold storage plants, 13 breweries, 13 meat industries and in over 20 specialized industrial enterprises, in Serbia, countries in the region, Russia and Egypt. The company mostly works according to “turn – key” system, with visualisation, control, operating and remote monitoring of installed equipment, via its own software “Klima”, which provides higher level of preventive maintenance and prompt servicing of the equipment.

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No. Name Place State
1. “Prvi maj” Ruski Krstur SERBIA
2. “Elan” Srbobran SERBIA
3. “Cold storage plant” (“Elixir group” Sabac) Bajina Basta SERBIA
4. “Bambi IV” Branicevo SERBIA
5. “ Cold storage plant” Lebane SERBIA
6. “Mladost” Gnjilane SERBIA
7. “ Cold storage plant” Zabari SERBIA
8. “Kopaonicanka” Brus SERBIA
9. “Vocar” Merosina SERBIA
10. “Fortis” Beograd “Hladnjaca” Bojnik SERBIA
11. “PKB Voćar.plantaze” Bolec SERBIA
12. “Belfrut” Bela Crkva SERBIA
13. “Takovo” Knic SERBIA
14. “Bosnaplod” Brcko – Distriht B i H
15. “ Cold storage plant Loznica” Loznica SERBIA
16. “Yugotrejd” Arilje SERBIA
17. “Panikop” Brus SERBIA
18. “Nectar” Backa Palanka SERBIA
19. “Frigonais” Nis Kursumlija SERBIA
20. “Sweet home” Brus SERBIA
21. “VanDrunenFarms” B. Karadjordjevo SERBIA
22. “Libertas” Beograd „Hladnjaca“ Sabac SERBIA
23. “Dijamant”  warehouse Zrenjanin SERBIA
24. P.D. “Zajecar” Zajecar SERBIA
25. “Cool & Frost” Jagodina SERBIA
26. “Gredjanka” Velika Greda SERBIA
27. “Vulic & Vulic” Nis “Hladnjaca” Varvarin SERBIA
28. “Lenko” Vranje SERBIA
29. “Euro Frigo” Pirot SERBIA
30. “Hlad” Slavonski Brod CROATIA
31. “Galina” Alexandria EGYPT
32. “Sonder Dux” Leskovac SERBIA
33. “Strela” Leskovac SERBIA
34. “Delta Maxi” Beograd Hladnjaca Surcin SERBIA
35. “Vino Zupa” cold storage plant Blace Blace SERBIA
36. “Belfrigo” Beograd – “Mondi Serbia” Kraljevo SERBIA
37. “Pigo” – Italija Astrakhan RUSSIA
38. “Fathalla Compound” Alexandria EGYPT
39. “Delišes-Hani” Vladičin Han SERBIA
40. P.D. “Zajecar” (II phase) Zajecar SERBIA
41. “Frigonais” (II phase) Kursumlija SERBIA
42. “Hlad” (II phase) Slavonski Brod CROATIA
43. “Nectar” – “Delises-Hani” (II phase) Vladicin Han SERBIA
44. “Vocar” Svilajnac SERBIA
45. “Nectar” cold storage plant (reconstruction) Arilje SERBIA
46. “Delises-Hani” (III phase – new cold store) Vladicin Han SERBIA
47. “Ineks Morava” Nis “PIK Aleksinac” SERBIA
48. “Hlad” (III phase) Slavonski brod SERBIA
49. “Belfrigo” coldstore in Romania Oradea Romania
50. “Coolfood” Braničevo SERBIA
51. “Voćar” – IPARD Svilajnac SERBIA
52. “Hladnjača Pantelić” – IPARD Kraljevo SERBIA