“KLIMA” – Smederevo, established in 1993, is an authorized dealer and service provider for MAYEKAWA – MYCOM EUROPE”  products in all former Yugoslav countries. The company is specialized for engineering in field of industrial refrigeration. The company provides full range of services including design, delivery of complete cooling equipment and installation for industrial refrigerant plants, providing a “turn – key” system for the end-user in the most modern way, with visualisation, control, and operating via software “Klima”.

MAYEKAWA” (MYCOM) is a famous, world known Japanese company producing cooling compressors, established in 1924. The branch for Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor – “MAYEKAWA EUROPE” is located in Belgium, where the units are assembled.

Our engineers and service workers are certified by MAYEKAWA – MYCOM EUROPE” Zaventem, Belgium where they have attended the training courses.

  • Complete mechanical and electrical projects of cooling plants with all necessary licences.
  • Import and export of cooling equipment (Compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, air coolers, ammonia pumps, vessels under pressure, valves, automatics, electrical control cabinets, etc.)
  • Complete documentation for production of other components:-  Vessels under pressure – Separators, Receivers, Oil separators, Fine oil separators, etc.
  • Steel supports for evaporative condensers, separators, etc.
  • Production of electrical control cabinets for operation of all components in cooling system.
  • Design of the software for visualization, control and operation of cooling systems.
  • Remote monitoring of all cooling system (where “Klima” has instaled monitoring systems) to ensure preventive maintenance and improve operation of the cooling system.
  • Installation of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Production of mechanical and electrical installations in cooling systems, testing under pressure both of installation and vessels in order to provide usage license issued by State Authorities.
  • Equipment start-up.
  • End users’ operators training.
  • Equipment servicing with original manufacturers’ spare parts.
  • Preventive maintenance and distant observation of cooling plant operation.

Our service workers are available 24 hours, and that way we take the full responsibility concerning maintenance of the compressors and other equipment.