In a short period the company has become a leader in this field. It installed equipment in more than 47 cold storage plants, 13 breweries, 13 meat industries and in over 20 specialized industrial enterprises, in Serbia, countries in the region, Russia and Egypt. The company mostly works according to “turn – key” system, with visualisation, control, operating and remote monitoring of installed equipment, via its own software “Klima”, which provides higher level of preventive maintenance and prompt servicing of the equipment.

Our references are our recommendation.

Below are references in Breweries

No. Name Place State
1. “United Serbian Breweries Zajecarsko” Zajecar SERBIA
2. “Jagodinska Brewery” Jagodina SERBIA
3. “ZIP” Brewery Zrenjanin SERBIA
4. “Carlsberg SERBIA” Celarevo SERBIA
5. “ Brewery” Skoplje Skoplje MACEDONIA
6. “Apatinska Brewery” Apatin SERBIA
7. “ Brewery” Becej SERBIA
8. ” United Serbian Breweries EUC” Novi Sad SERBIA
9. “Rodic MB Co” Kula “STORK” Doboj B I H
10. “BUP” Buzet Buzet CROATIA
11. “Mardi” Brewery Bitola Radovis MACEDONIA
12. “Carlsberg SERBIA” – (II phase) Čelarevo SERBIA
13. “Brewery Lasko” Lasko SLOVENIA
14. “Heineken Serbia” – reconstruction Zajecar SERBIA
15. “Carlsberg Serbia” – DAW facility Celarevo SERBIA
16. “Breweri Bihac” Bihac B I H
17. “Heienen Serbia” – reconstruction Novi Sad SERBIA
18. “Carlsberg Serbia” – relocation Celarevo SERBIA